Turf Nutrition Technology Company

The Mission


It is the mission of INNOVAR TURF  to provide innovative and quality products to the Turf Nutrition market; including an environmental, agronomic and economic focus. Our courteous, knowledgeable and professional team will help our global partners differentiate their nutrient product offers, educate the market and lead value-added sales strategies

The Vision


We believe there is significant demand for improving the efficiencies of Turf Management products due to increased environmental pressures, increased budgetary considerations, and continued desire to earn a maximum return on investment by the Turf Manager and Business Owner. We believe INNOVAR Turf  can develop and commercialize value-added products which will address each of the demand areas. Our products can reduce losses to the environment; increase turf quality, and provide an economic benefit to the distributor, Turf Manager  and INNOVAR TURF. We believe Turf Managers and distributors are looking for these opportunities to be provided by a company like INNOVAR TURF.

The Promise


The PENXCEL and FOLIAR-PAK Technology platform is a launching pad for a full line of innovative  products for improving the Turf Health and Aesthetics.

Foliar-Pak is a nutrient company, vertically integrated with INNOVAR TURF, and  take pride in selecting quality raw materials including food-grade polysaccharide sugars and molasses, premium cold-pressed seaweed, plant-derived L-amino acids, and pharmaceutical grade minerals. But we offer more than nutrients.

We strive to offer solutions to everyday challenges:

Prevent plant stress from environmental factors,

Accelerate turfgrass establishment,

Enhance soil biology,

Encourage controlled growth,

Alleviate difficult soil conditions.

Our Technology Partners