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Advanced Technology Expertise

INNOVAR TURF  brings extensive “advanced technologies” expertise to the Turf & Amenity industry along with the training skills to help make our global partners successful. Our team’s past history with global fertilizer companies like Agrium, Koch, Agrotain International and others, helps to give us the experience to be well positioned in this Turf Nutrition market segment.

US Based Turf Nutrition Company With International Focus

We are a U.S.-based Turf Nutrition  company dedicated to bringing turf managers Advanced Nutrition technologies  to help them achieve their turf health goals. With a global distribution network, we are delivering innovative and quality products to the Turf  market, with focus on an economic, agronomic and responsible approach, through our Proprietary and Partnered product lines.

Trusted Source For Innovative Products

The FoliarPak™ Technology platform is a launching pad for a full line of innovative new products for improving turf quality. Foliar-Pak Grow-In, Foliar-Pak Play-On, and Foliar-Pak Zoypalum are all all-in-one products that contain various amounts of N, P, and K as well as micronutrients, seaweed and/or humic, TPA (Armament), and biology.  

Foliar-Pak CSi L (silicon/proline product that's tank-mix compatible with other nutrients)

Foliar-Pak Gold Standard 45 (amino-acid phosphite)

Foliar-Pak Foundation 40 (concentrated singular amino acid package--40% by weight amino acids)

Foliar-Pak Colonise Bio (basically Grow-In without any of the nutrition and more TPA, humic/seaweed, etc.)

Foliar-Pak Armament Concentrate (EX-10 K in a jug--38% by weight)

Hydro-Pak BioWet (premium penetrant/hydration product)

InnoSolve Inhibitor COMBO

Whats New!

Ask us for a sample of our new InnoSolve Inhibitor Combo which offers dual protection against Nitrogen loss, providing better aesthetics and plant health!

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